Highly Debatable British Classic #6: Pot Noodle

I know which side of the fence I occupy on this one. IT’S NOT FOOD! IT’S FOAM PACKAGING, SALTED! But hey, what do I know? For this episode, I would like to hand over to my old buddy Kate, who will lead you through the magical world of Golden Wonder Pot Noodle. Over to you, Kate…



Pot Noodle was launched way back in 1977 by Golden Wonder when convenience was the future and noodles were exotic! The original idea of ‘cup noodles’ came from Japan by Momofuku Ando, but it has since captured the hearts and stomachs of our nation’s youth.
Pot Noodle is made in the Welsh town of Crumlin in South Wales. The factory typically produces a staggering 155 million pots every year and they celebrated 25 years of Pot Noodle production there in 2004.

There have been a host of bold new Pot Noodle flavours and variants launched onto our shelves since the 70’s including ‘Asian style’ Posh Noodle, the incredibly hot Bombay Bad Boy and Sizzling Bacon.

In fact, they’ve just gone to market with a new and improved product range, introducing the new variants Chicken Satay, Lamb Hotpot and Tikka Masala to the Pot Noodle family!

Early Pot Noodle advertising portrayed Pot Noodle and its sister brands as a straightforward convenience food. However, Pot Noodle has achieved notoriety for some outrageous and memorable advertising campaigns in an ironic style, which often made allusion to the consumer being made to feel dirty for spurning traditional food in favour of something completely manufactured and artificial, but ultimately irrestistible.



Thanks again for the contribution, Kate. I decided that this would be an open debate rather than a regular BC episode. So if you have strong feelings either way on Pot Noodle (shudder), please chip in with a comment, and I plan to edit this post as they appear to include them. Cheers!

Croosh (& Kate McDougall)

See you again soon for #7: TBC

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9 Comments on “Highly Debatable British Classic #6: Pot Noodle”

  1. weathereye Says:

    We have something like this here called Mr. Noodle. It comes in several flavours, and is sold as a hard little brick, wrapped in plastic. One serving doubles the daily recommended fat and salt intake.

    I was at the grocer today and they were being sold five for a dollar. I did not buy them.

  2. ToxicGiggle Says:

    I can proudly state that I am a pot noodle virgin. Japanese ramen on the other hand…

  3. Marius Says:

    No Pot Noodle here in the states, but I lived on Ramen while in college.

  4. Mekka Says:

    I think the US equivalent is Cup Noodles. I remember seeing a ‘pot noodle’ ad steaming in Times Sq.

    Pot Noodles are very bad for you but sometimes hit the spot. Especially after a hard night clubbing when you can’t find an open take-away. Get to the garage for a Pot Noodle.

    One bonus is that they’re all Vegetarian friendly. No more pesky planning if a veggie is coming to tea. Just stick the kettle on and stir!

  5. Scott Redman Says:

    What Marius was saying about Ramen. Yeah, it’s pretty nasty, even if you try to doctor it up a bit. The flavor pack is pretty much nothing but salt, with some mystery chemicals mixed in. I’ve managed to avoid it for years now! 🙂

  6. kumarhk Says:

    We have Instant Noodles here. They suck. But we all eat them anyway. I mean, they’re INSTANT, for Christ’s sake! And when they say instant, they MEAN instant!

  7. kumarhk Says:

    And Ramen too. I suspect by the time I live by myself I’m going to be eating Ramen for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  8. ToxicDeath Says:

    I have to sya that for a couple of years in my late teens i lived on these through laziness, however in more recent years they do not appeal even though i have bought some because of nostalgia however they did not bring back the memories.

    Loving the blog, keep up the good work.

  9. ToxicDeath Says:

    Used to live on these but they must have changed as they are not as good any more. Also love the comments made on Red Dwarf, when they find the good dwarf and the test is the Pot noodle Test

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