Welcome to the insiders guide to the real gems of British food!

Hello one and all!

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Casey, I’m a chef, and I reside in a sleepy village just outside of Hereford in the leafy English countryside. I’ve acquired a number of dear friends from beyond our sceptred isle, which in turn gave me this little idea. Each week I shall write about a foodstuff that foreigners may know nothing about, but which are indispensible to the majority of native Brits. A little inside information, if you will, for anyone planning to travel here/make some bulk air freighted food orders…Any feedback would be much appreciated, and I hope you enjoy the blog! 


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2 Comments on “Welcome to the insiders guide to the real gems of British food!”

  1. cartbozman Says:

    Hmm. Should not have read that just as I got up. Jaffa’s for breakfast? Hell yeah why not 🙂

    Great start mate. Looking forward to more.

  2. Cristina Says:

    Hey Croosh, my husband is British and in my trips to visit family and friends, I’ve had such a good time eating British food that it seems such a shame that the real British staples are not more common in NYC, where we live. Though I’m still not convinced on Jaffa Cakes, I’m a huge fan of everything else you mentioned on your blog – fish and chips, shepherd’s pie, etc.

    I actually happened across your blog when I was doing some research on British cuisine for a website that I blog for – I had decided to write about the misconceptions of British cuisine and how it’s evolved over the years. Since you seem to be pretty knowledgeable about British cuisine, I’d really appreciate your feedback on what I wrote. I just want to make sure I’m being accurate, and while I trust what my British friends say, that’s only one perspective. here’s a link if you are interested:



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